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Jimmie Jam starring Darius Rucker and Jimmie Johnson

Budhi,has become a huge Nascar fan, and his excuse is that since we only live two miles from the Charlotte Speedway WHY NOT! LOL, Pizza Hut is a sponsor of Hendrix Motors and that is the team that Jimmie Johnson is on. His Boss came to him a couple of weeks back and said "Hey I got something for you" and handed him two VIP Tickets to the Jimmie Jam Concert. Although there were no posed photos allowed with Jimmie Johnson nor Darius Rucker, it was a great concert and a FREE date. I didn't get all the photos I took on these two page but I dd get probably the main ones. With the exception of those taken of Budhi at Jimmie Johnson's car, that was crashed at the 600 race on Sunday. Those will be for another layout!

A Tisket a Tasket

This card i made as a challenge to make a card with a hand made basket on the front of it. Well, for those of you that know me I am not much of a card person, but I did accomplish the task, and then I used another friend advice and sent the card to a friend with a little note written on a separate sheet of paper expressing that I didn't write on the card so she could use it herself to share with another friend.

Did I say I love You

The following layout was done with photos of the flowers that Budhi presented me with when I arrived back home from the cruise. Of course the spring bouquet has since passed but the orchid still sets on my desk and as he says it is a constant message of how much he missed me and expresses the love he has for me. I am really one lucky Lady with a husband that is so sentimental!

I did the layout as a challenge with Let's Scrap. We needed to use one their page maps and only use flowers. The large flower is actually made with crepe paper, and I actually accomplished four challenges with this one layout.

It's A Victory

The following layout is my latest of many that I need to get done. This layout is of my youngest treasure, Kyle (20) back during his Senior year in High School. The photos were taken in 2006 and if I would have scrapped the page then I probably wouldn't have used the black and orange because his team colors were yellow and green, although, I have changed my thinking over the years and I chose to use the opposing teams colors in this layout. I am very proud of this layout because I have been able to use all 11 photos that I took of the event.

On Board the Scrapbooking Cruise - Challenges / Contest

We had a Door contest where we had to make a 12x12 layout of ourselves, this was my entry.

In addition we were given a pre-packaged kit where we had to design a one or two page layout with nothing but the items within the kit. I had three pattern papers three solid papers, three pirate buttons, five flowers, silver ribbon and silver brads. Just the night before at dinner there was a gentleman dressed as a pirare that we had our photo taken with so I choose to use that photo and besides I got at least one photo scrapped from my trip! LOL

Layouts from cruise class

The following are the layouts I designed for the Cruise based on the Class "Making a Page Map Your Own"

NEW Challenge Entries

This Layout is for the Visual Designs by Chris Forum
This Layout is for the Let's Scrap Designer Challenge.
I am finally able to upload the photos of the Photo Album I made for my Niece and her new husband as a wedding gift. This was my first attempt at Crazy Quilting and it is all done by hand, not machine like I first thought would be my option of choice. After talking with other Crazy Quilters most expressed the use of hand stitching instead of machine stitching so although my time was short I thought I would go for it. Needless to say I took it apart in the last three days and decided that I needed to redo part of it. LOL.....Although I must say I am happy with the final project both the scrapping and the quilting


I fount a GOLD Mine yesterday…….well a Gold mine to me, that is……..As several of you know I have a facebook group and on that site I have been able to get up with five of my old classmates……well one of them had a link on their site to an alumni of our school………I went to it and joined the group, although most of the current info is of the eighties to the present there were two individuals from my graduating class…..I am so siked………history of the school was on the site so guess what there is some info for my scrapping………YEAH……….just siked!

Then on that site there was a link to a new site for the Community.........more info........oh, you see me doing the happy dance.....

The School Site:


Challenge: Use Pink, Green, and Yellow Papers plus a Flower

Well the challenge I tackeled was with one of my groups and although a simple idea, I had to think about it. The Hostess asked that we make a layout using Pink, Green, and Yellow Papers plus a Flower in some manner. I have to admit, I had to think, plus we only had three days to do it in and I was working all weekend. I did get it done and I thought, what better way to showcase some of the pictures from the Scrapping Retreat that I went on with this same group of girls. There will be a vote on the layouts, and I think the winning layout goes on the home page, and although you don't see my journaling in this photo I have gone in and done so and the journaling reads: March 2009 - A Time of building new friendships at our first Scrapbooking Retreat. We met ten lovely ladies at the Cabin and this is what we called the North Carolina Girls: Heather, Cyndi, Kandi and Doris. Lasting relationships for years to come.

Stepping out of the box

I have been working with digital scrapping and I have just completed this layout. Hope you can enjoy it as much as I I might have to just go in and work on some of these digital photos I have. LOL

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