We are the parents of three awesome children (well they are all adults now). Aaron, he's 36 and a State Officer; Heather, she's 30 and a Bank Manager, and Kyle, he is 23 and a Federal Officer, and Grandparent to one, A.J. (Aaron Judah). Then there is also, Barbara (wife to Aaron).

We are Owners of a small Bridal Boutique in Concord, NC, and working on our retirement dream of buying an RV and hitting the roads to see this beautiful country of ours.  Our stick and marter home is currently in Concord, NC, Budhi wants to keep a brick and marter home,or sell it and buy smaller.  He wants to keep a little bit of American land, he says.  There is nothing holding us to our current home since our children weren't born here nor was it our beginning home and besides the children all live away from this area, although all still in the state of North Carolina so probably will stay in North Carolina or a neighboring state.

Budhi - a hard worker and a devoted individual.  Budhi was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and came to the States in 1974, he became a citizen of the USA in 1986.  Hospitality Management is his training and profession.  He currently is the manager of a local Pizza Hut restaurant looking forward to the day he can have his home paid off and retire.


I enjoy gatherings with friends and family; traveling; Broadway style Musicals; camping; Nascar, Volleyball and American Football.  Dallas Cowboys is my favorite team.

Cyndi -  a Wife, to a WONDERFULLY kind man. He is a warm sole, and treats me as a princess.  I was born in Palestine, Texas but raised in Buras, Louisiana (south of New Orleans).  I am an avid scrapbooker and my family is the reason why I do so, to be able to leave a family history for them to cherish in the years to come. I have been Scrapbooking 17 plus years and it is my way of relaxing, actually, even when I have given myself some short deadlines or only allowed myself a minimum amount of time to complete a challenge. 


In addition to scrapping I enjoy gatherings with friends and family; traveling; crocheting; camping; sewing; and cooking.

Favorite Books:

Any Agatha Christi Novel (I actually collect the hard covers of her books)

We want to Thank each of you for stopping by and reading about what is happening with our retirement mission and do hope you come back and visit on a regular basis. 

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