Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chinese New Years

A Holiday that we often overlook, although while living in Indonesia we celebrated it in one manner or another because it is part of the family's heritage.

This year Heather wanted to share the traditions and foods with her neighbors.  I must say it was a huge success.  So much so that several of the families asked me to come and cook Chinese dishes at their homes anytime I wanted.  LOL

Below are a few videos of the preparations and the actual meal we shared.

Wishing you Happiness and safe travels on the wings of God's Angels!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A White Christmas???

This wasn't the year for our family to get together for Christmas although we were able to meet up on the weekend of the 6th of January to exchange gives and spend time with our children and their immediate families.

It started snowing on us as we started our journey and continued to snow through the night and the next morning. We kept tabs on each other during our drives up because this year Aaron, Barbara, and A.J. were going to be hosting the event at their new home and they live in the mountains of Ashville in Western North Carolina with some steep inclines and descents on the roads. Since North Carolina has some of the highest mountains in the eastern USA, we were concerned with what the roads might be like, but we all made it perfectly fine.

We were all so excited to be able to join Aaron, Barbara, and A.J. at their new home (photo below) because this is the first year since A.J. has been born that their home has been large enough to house us all since everyone has grown up and formed their own families.

The last time we met at their home A.J. was just a baby (he will be 13 in March) and we were sleeping in chairs, on the floor and they did have one guest bed.  But it was some tight quarters, at I think 900 square feet, but for me (Cyndi) I so enjoyed all my family being together, it didn't matter to me where we slept.  My brother and his date at the time also joined us that year.

Here is a video of our stop for gas and arriving at our eldest son (Aaron) and his family (Barbara and A.J.)'s new home.  Everyone brought their dogs, and A.J. was so excited about them all coming that he went and spent his own money on buying them dog bones as their Christmas gifts.  He enjoyed playing with each of our four-legged grandchildren in the snow.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

We all Need Goals

Setting Goals!
Wishing you Happiness and Safe Travels on the wings of God's Angels!